Millionaire Goes Homeless To Prove Anyone Can Make $1,000,000

Mike Black, a successful businessman, and millionaire made a bold move to prove that anyone can make $1,000,000 even if they lose everything they have. In his YouTube video titled “Millionaire Goes Homeless To Prove Anyone Can Make $1,000,000”, he documented his journey of becoming homeless for 30 days and building himself back up to become a millionaire again.

The idea of this project was to show that people can make a comeback even if they lose everything. It was not intended to inspire homeless people or prove that they can easily make $1,000,000. Mike Black clarified this in the comments section of his video.

Rules of the Project

Mike Black was very deliberate in ensuring that he had no unfair advantages in this project. He outlined all the rules of the project on his website. He started with $25 and had to use that money to provide for his basic needs such as food, water, and shelter. He could not use any of his existing skills or resources, and had to rely solely on the skills he could acquire while homeless. He could not ask for money or help from anyone he knew and had to rely on strangers for any help he needed.

Millionaire Goes Homeless To Prove Anyone Can Make $1,000,000

Building Skills and Confidence

One of the arguments against Mike Black’s project was that he already had skills and confidence, which gave him an unfair advantage. However, he addresses this point in his comments, saying that the point of the whole video was to show that skills and confidence can be built. All the information needed to acquire new skills is available for free online. Mike Black learned new skills such as coding, graphic design, and photography, which eventually led to him building his own business again.

Challenges Faced

Mike Black faced many challenges during his time as a homeless person. He struggled to find a safe place to sleep, had difficulty finding a job, and was often ignored or rejected by people he asked for help. However, he persevered and continued to learn new skills to improve his chances of success.

Lessons Learned

Through this project, Mike Black learned some valuable lessons about life and business. He realized that persistence is key to success and that setbacks and failures are part of the journey. He also learned the importance of building relationships and connections with people, which helped him in his journey to becoming a millionaire again.


Mike Black’s project of becoming homeless to prove that anyone can make $1,000,000 is an inspiring story of perseverance and determination. It shows that with the right mindset and skills, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve success. It also highlights the importance of learning new skills, building relationships, and not giving up in the face of failure. The video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to be inspired to achieve their dreams, regardless of their starting point.

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